Expanding to an international audience

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Global Customer Experience Messaging

Services implemented
01 Strategy
02 Branding
03 Design
04 Video Production


Align Technology, the global leader in invisible orthodontics solution wanted to improve their relationship with North American, European, and Asian customers to deliver differentiated, exceptional, and consistent experiences. Align wanted to improve their responsiveness to the needs of their customers, increase loyalty, and lift the Net Promoter Score, implement customer experience improvements, as well as commit to changes in corporate culture and company policy.

NEW VISION for the future of CX
GLOBAL brand development
SALES TEAMS have tools to close deals


desmond garcia executed a Global Customer Experience Messaging for North America, Europe & Asian markets which helped the company connect better with its customers. In addition to this broad strategic effort, desmondgarcia has created an iPad application for sales enablement for the North American Sales team and additional video content.


This engagement, which began as an analytic, strategic, and creative endeavor has resulted in strengthening Align Technology’s ability to do business and empowering their sales teams.