Building a Powerful Digital Community

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From presence to engagement towards a stronger community around the brand

Services implemented
01 Strategy
02 Branding
03 Interactive/Web


We had the challenge of generating engagement in the construction worker community, which was previously used to the brand celebrating its achievements through BTL activations, but now had to move to the digital environment, which had low levels of adoption in this specific audience.


We sought to challenge and exalt this segment in the digital environment based on specific strategies that allowed the growth of the audience in terms of positioning and enrollment in the Program. In the same way, we sought to expand the territory of communication, creating a unified message that would enable us to really connect with this very unique audience.


From educational campaigns all the way to entertainment and always on, we managed to build a more solid community, reaching high levels of relationship with the segment, which is essential to strengthen credibility and trust in the brand and its products, as well as exceeding all KPI’s and business objectives.